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SB-721 & SB-326 Balcony Inspections

Comprehensive SB-721 and SB-326 Inspection, Waterproofing, and Repair Services

Watertight Restoration, Inc. performs inspections of elevated structures, the load-bearing components and associated waterproofing systems. We know how to bring your balconies, decks, stairs, and walkways into compliance with CA Rule SB-721.
balcony inspections of wooden deck for SB-721 and SB-326

SB 721 & SB 326 Inspections: Deadline is Jan.1, 2025

We specialize in ensuring the safety and compliance of your decks, balconies, and other elevated structures, providing peace of mind to property owners and managers.

Building owners, property managers and HOA’s that fall within the criteria of the law are required to complete an initial inspection no later than Jan. 1, 2025, and subsequent inspections at least once every nine years.

SB-721: The "Deck & Balcony Inspections Bill"

After a tragic balcony collapse in Berkeley resulted in multiple fatalities, laws were enacted to ensure the structural stability of condominium decks, balconies, and walkways.

All multi-family residential buildings with three or more dwelling units in California that have “exterior elevated elements” that rely in whole or in substantial part on wood structural support must comply with this law. If you are part of a residential homeowners’ association (HOA) in California, you should be aware of the state’s balcony laws, including Senate Bill 326 (SB-326) which applies to all HOAs or condominium complexes that consist of at least three attached units.

Watertight Restoration, Inc. specializes in conducting thorough SB 326 inspections and providing comprehensive reports. We aim to help California HOAs stay compliant with California’s balcony laws and avoid costly penalties. 

Local building departments can impose penalties of up to $500 per day for non-compliance.

Watertight Restoration: License A 380124 General Engineering

Watertight Restoration specializes in waterproofing, restoring structural integrity, epoxy injection and concrete restoration services. With 45 years of experience and a dedicated team of professionals, we can handle the entire SB-721 inspection process from your first questions to full compliance.

"Exterior Elevated Elements” Requiring Inspection

The following four questions with a YES answer will determine
if an SB-721 inspection is required.

1. Does your building have three or more dwelling units?

2. Do you have exterior balconies, decks, porches, stairways, walkways, entry structures, or other exterior elements with walking surfaces?
3. Are the walking surfaces more than six feet above ground level?

4. Do(es) the element(s) rely substantially on wood or woodbased products for structural support or stability?

Inspection and Repair of Deficiences for Full SB-721 & SB-326 Compliance

1. Waterproofing Issues: These could include inadequate or damaged waterproofing membranes, which can lead to water intrusion and structural damage over time.

2. Structural Weaknesses: This involves any defects in the structural components of balconies or elevated elements, such as deteriorated or weakened supports, beams, or connections.

3. Deterioration: This includes general wear and tear, corrosion of materials, or degradation of surfaces due to exposure to weather elements.

4. Safety Hazards: These could encompass loose railings, unstable flooring, or other features that pose a risk of injury to occupants or visitors.

5. Code Violations: Any violations of building codes or safety regulations related to balconies and elevated exterior elements may be considered deficiencies.

6. Poor Maintenance: Lack of regular maintenance or neglect can lead to various deficiencies over time, such as rusting of metal components or rotting of wooden elements.
7. Design Flaws: In some cases, deficiencies may stem from design flaws that compromise the structural integrity or safety of balconies and elevated elements.

Any deficiencies need to be identified and addressed promptly to ensure the safety and habitability of residential properties and to comply with the requirements of SB 721 and SB 326.

Let Watertight Restoration, Inc. be your partner in the entire process.

45 Years in the Bay Area, Serving all of Northern California

Our service area centers in the San Francisco Bay Area and ranges throughout Northern California. We are glad to answer any question you have about the SB-721/SB-326 inspection process, and any additional local compliance rules that may apply.